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Antonio Lampecco
  • Antonio Lampecco


    Small decorative ceramics by belgian artist Antonio Lampecco

    Born in Minucciano, Tuscany in 1932, based in Belgium since 1942, Antonio Lampecco, took the direction of the ceramics workshop at the Abbey of Maredsous in 1962. Since 1958 and the World Expo in Brussels, Lampecco has exhibited his work in Belgium and internationally. He won a Golden Medal in Prague, Faenza and Monza. He received the City Prize in Vallauris in 1982 (FR). Since 1992, he has opened its showroom in Maredret. About the artist A great sensitivity in the hands and even more in the heart is necessary to make beautiful ceramics, as well as a constant search in the forms.

    H1 : 13,5cm – D1 : 8,5cm

    H2 : 10cm – D2 : 9cm

    H3 : 8cm – D3 : 6cm

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