Charles Eames
  • Charles Eames


    MKX-2 wire side chair by Charles Eames for Herman Miller, circa 1954

    Bikini upholstered in a medium height for reading or relaxing. Black metal legs, two-piece pad

    H : 73cm x W :4 8,2cm x D : 55,8cm x SH : 42,8cm


    « The abbreviated Eames DKX Chair, part of the Wire Mesh Series, stood for Dining (D) Height, K-Wire (K) Chair on X Base (X). The MKX is the same only in a shorter medium (M) height. The LKX was the lounge (L) height version. As with all the mesh series, the numbers represented the upholstery cut, with 1 meaning the full chair cover and 2 the two-part ‘bikini’ version.

    The first release of the four-legged X base version was in two sizes, the Dining (DKX) and the Lounge height (LKX) versions. In 1954, following the same development of the bases of the plastic series chairs, the LKX was discontinued and replaced with an ever-so-slightly higher version deemed the Medium (MKX) height Wire chair.

    The X in the name of the DKX, LKX and MKX stands for the X base, an original patterned base with a clear criss-cross where the base joins the top. This base was developed for the plastic series and was later utilized for the wire mesh chairs. The X base was replaced in 1954 for the lighter and more versatile ‘H Base’ but for the sake of continuity the X in the name stayed, even to this day with the later re-launch. »