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Per and Annelise Linnemann-Schmidt
  • Per and Annelise Linnemann-Schmidt

    Danish Table Lamp by Per and Annelise Linnemann-Schmidt for Palshus, 1950’s.

    H : 52cm D : 25,5cm


    Palshus Pottery was created by husband and wife duo Per and Annelise Linneman Schmidt in Senglose, Denmark in the late 1940's. Palshus is the acronym of the initials of their names and the word "hus" which translates as house in Danish. 


    Together they created simple, undecorated pottery, successfully pro­ducing hand-thrown vases, bowls, ashtrays, lamp bases, teapots and jugs in series that were distinguished by their remarkably high technical and artistic quality. Numerous unique pieces were also produced.

    Colors were characteristic Scandinavian earthy tones: blues, browns, and beige.

    In the mid 1950s the workshop experimented with new clays and glazes, and in 1957 a new ware was developed with a rustic chamotte body, incised decoration in simple, geometric pat­terns and high gloss glazes; the colors of such pieces varied according to the relative thick­ness with which the glaze settled onto the engraved surface.

    They often collaborated with well known sculptors and ceramicists to develop singular pieces. The pottery house closed its doors in 1972, follow­ing the death of Annelise.

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