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Robin Day SOLD
  • Robin Day SOLD


    Childsply chair by Robin Day for John Haddock.

    In 1999 Robin Day supported a charitable exhibition conceived by twentytwentyone (London) to raise money for the Children’s Hope Foundation.

    Along with 12 other leading designers Robin was invited to design a child’s chair from a single piece of plywood. The project was called Childsply.

    Two of the chairs were made by Windmill Furniture and auctioned off. Subsquently twentytwentyone commissioned a further 30 of the chairs to be made by Robin’s friend John Haddock. It is one of these.

    Robin Day proposed a design that allowed several chairs to be cut from a single sheet of plywood but despite the apparently simple design and efficient cutting programme, the Childsply chair is a complex construction that marries flat-cut and formed plywood.

    Dimensions : H : 28/48cm x W : 35cm x D : 44cm

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