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Sigi Pineda
  • Sigi Pineda

    SKU: PSP01

    Sigi Pineda large brooch
    Sterling silver, natural pearl
    Signed Sigi Taxco, eagle 36 (after 1955), sterling numbered 01

    3”1/8 long - 8cm,

    1” 1/2 wide - 3cm

    weight 15,3 gram.

    original patina €120


    Sigfrido "Sigi" Pineda began working with some of the great masters of Taxco at an early age.
    He became a master goldsmith at the age of 15 and continued to train in the art of jewellery making, including studying enamelling techniques on carat gold pieces in Mexico City.He established his silver workshop called Plateros in Taxco, Mexico, in 1952, when he was only 23 years old. 

    He moved away from the traditional Mexican designs he had created for other silversmiths in the past. His modernist style is more organic and minimalist, in contrast to his predecessors who offered a traditional design based on Aztec and Mayan motifs. 

    His later work includes pieces made by lost-wax casting. Several styles were convertible, such as necklaces with interchangeable pendants or necklaces with removable pins that could also be worn separately. Pineda also used wood and enamelling in some of his later designs, while continuing to work into his 80s, which is remarkable.
    He was responsible for influencing the Mexican modernism art movement and creating a style so distinct that people immediately identified his work.
    Sigi died in 2018

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